Cultural Richesse

BY CSMI STAFF WRITER India remains a country that is famous throughout the globe for its beautifully rich culture and traditions. From its cuisine and heritage to its history and art, India’s culture is, without a doubt, exemplary. What makes the culture of India stand out has to be its diversity. Everyone may speak different languages, eat different food, and dress according to their religion or community … Continue reading Cultural Richesse

STEM Dance Kampni

BY DR KAUSTAV BHATTACHARYYA Nestled amidst the verdant landscape of the traditional quarters of Malleshwaram of Bengaluru is the STEM Dance Kampni, which beckons the first-time visitor with an old world charm of an open courtyard, small benches, tiled roof shed and a sturdy iron-clad staircase. As one walks up the flight of stairs one arrives at a landing with two rooms, wooden-frame windows and … Continue reading STEM Dance Kampni

A Christmas Prayer for Peace

Lord, in a season when every heart should be happy and light, many of us are struggling with the heaviness of life—burdens that steal the joy right out of our Christmas stockings. Crazy weather disasters strike at unsuspecting areas, ravaging peaceful homes and interrupting the lives of unsuspecting residents. Tragedy arrives as innocent victims suffer, and an inner voice whispers, “Be afraid!” We need your … Continue reading A Christmas Prayer for Peace

Meditation on Sri Rama

Dhyaayedaajaanubaaham dhritasharadhanusham baddhapadmaasanastham,Peetam vaaso vasaanam navakamala dala spardhinetram prasannam;Vaamaankaaroodhaseetaa mukhakamala milal lochanam neeradaabham,Naanaalankaara deeptam dadhatamuru jataa mandalam raamachandram. Translation: One should meditate on Sri Ramachandra, with hands reaching the knees, holding the bow and arrows, seated in the locked-up lotus posture, wearing a yellow garb, with eyes vying with the newly-blossomed lotus petals, with a pleasant gait, who has Sita seated on His left thigh, who … Continue reading Meditation on Sri Rama

What Next for India PLC?

BY RAKESH SHAH Inflation is showing signs of deceleration in the Indian economy as retail inflation dropped to 6.77 per cent in October from 7.41 per cent in September. As consumer prices are decreasing in basket of essential commodities, inflation is expected to go downward in upcoming months. Despite slowdown, inflation is still hovering above the target set by Reserve Bank of India. RBI had … Continue reading What Next for India PLC?

Indian Lamb with Spiced Pumpkin

Ingredients: 8 lamb cutlets 150ml tub natural yogurt 1 tsp ground coriander 1 tsp turmeric small bunch coriander, chopped juice and zest 1 lemon naan bread, to serve For the pickle 750g chunk squash, peeled and chopped into 2cm pieces 1 tbsp sunflower oil 2 onions, chopped thumb-size piece ginger, chopped 1 green chilli, halved 2 tsp black or brown mustard seeds 1 tsp ground … Continue reading Indian Lamb with Spiced Pumpkin