Goan Dodol

  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 200 gm grated jaggery
  • 50 gm cashews
  • 200 gm rice flour
  • 50 gm almonds


  • Mix rice flour with milk To prepare this delicious dessert, take a large bowl and mix the rice flour with the coconut milk. Make sure the mixture is lump-free.
  • Cook the batter Heat a saucepan over a medium flame and pour flour batter into it. Add the jaggery to it and keep stirring. Cook till the mixture attains a thick consistency. This would take around 20-30 minutes. Then, add the cashews and almonds.
  • Let it cool down When the mixture starts to leave the sides of the pan. Pour it into a greased dish and let it cool down for a few hours.
  • Cut and serve Once cooled down, cut into desired shapes and serve.