Starry Nights

BY ANDREW MOODY “People can be fickle. Today they hate you. Tomorrow they’ll love you. The industry works on this rule. That’s why they call it a gambler’s profession. Who knows, if your first comeback role clicks, you’ll get another, better role. It all depends on the people- they only accept and they only reject.” Bollywood has a worldwide reputation for making films as fairy … Continue reading Starry Nights

India Loves Agatha

BY RUCHIRA GHOSH She may well have been an icon of colonialism, pertaining to a bygone era, but modern-day aficionados of English literature in my home country India simply cannot do without Agatha Christie. This prolific author whose novels were outsold only by The Bible and Shakespeare (an unbroken record yet) still enjoys global popularity (including erstwhile colonies of Great Britain) decades after she walked … Continue reading India Loves Agatha