What Next for India PLC?

BY RAKESH SHAH Inflation is showing signs of deceleration in the Indian economy as retail inflation dropped to 6.77 per cent in October from 7.41 per cent in September. As consumer prices are decreasing in basket of essential commodities, inflation is expected to go downward in upcoming months. Despite slowdown, inflation is still hovering above the target set by Reserve Bank of India. RBI had … Continue reading What Next for India PLC?

Pilot Training in India

BY RASHMI SINGH India, a country often underrated as a choice for commercial pilot training, can turn out to be a goldmine for aspiring pilots with the right bit of information and guidance. With a proven education system and a history of glorious aviators from our country, India is surely one of the best options out there to begin your pilot training. The unique teacher-student … Continue reading Pilot Training in India

Mango Festival

BY JYOTSNA KAUR HABIBULLAH The luscious taste of freshly plucked mangoes, the breath-taking view of trees overloaded with mangoes accompanied by the soft, fresh fragrant breeze are all a perfect component on your summer weekend to-do list. This Sunday, 26th June 2022 enjoy mother nature at her best at a Mango orchard visit. Celebrating 10 years of the Mango festival which was conceptualised by me. … Continue reading Mango Festival

Indian Diamond Dominance

BY RIPAL PATEL The diamond manufacturers today are in a reasonably healthy situation coming off a very nice, strong year. Their inventory levels are at all-time lows, with good profit margins over the past quarter. Demand is still very strong, especially from America and China. Retailers in America were used to an oversupply of diamonds and jewelry-manufacturing capacity. Last year, because of the strong demand, … Continue reading Indian Diamond Dominance