Indian Economy Overtakes the UK

CSMI STAFF WRITER Just a decade ago, Indian GDP was the eleventh largest in the world. Now, with 7 percent growth forecast for 2022, India’s economy has overtaken the United Kingdom’s in terms of size, making it the fifth biggest. That’s according to the latest figures from the International Monetary Fund. India’s growth is accompanied by a period of rapid inflation in the UK, creating a cost of living crisis and … Continue reading Indian Economy Overtakes the UK

India’s World-Beating Growth

STAFF WRITER According to Bloomberg, India is set to regain its position as the world’s fastest growing major economy this year, but any euphoria is likely to be tempered by concerns around a resurgent virus outbreak. Gross domestic product will grow 9.2% in the fiscal year ending March 2022, according to the first official estimate released by the Statistics Ministry yesterday. That’s slightly slower than … Continue reading India’s World-Beating Growth

Romancing The Grassroots

BY DR KAUSTAV BHATTACHARYYA Recently I was having a conversation with an old school friend of mine and marveled at this idea of how the notion of ‘grassroots’ was glamourized by an earlier generation of intellectuals and educated classes. We both concurred that this romanticization of the ‘grassroots’ of the egalitarian dreamy-eyed intelligentsia of pre-1990s India was basically proffering of piety and condescension to the … Continue reading Romancing The Grassroots

Casting Hume into the Flames

BY EFFIE DEANS How does civilization begin? It begins with agriculture. Prior to the development of agriculture all we have is hunter gatherers in small bands living from moment to moment intent only on the bare necessities of life such as obtaining food and shelter. What enabled the transition to agriculture? It was the division of labour. In order for people to settle down and … Continue reading Casting Hume into the Flames