Tolkien Reduced to Woke

BY DANIEL JUPP It’s actually heart-warming to read through the comments on an Amazon Prime ad for their Lord of the Rings (The Rings of Power) series. People are ripping the piss out of it. The ad features what I suppose is meant to be either a wizard or a hobbit, maybe Gandalf, maybe Bilbo’s great grandfather. It’s hard to tell because the actor is black and sort of half bald, … Continue reading Tolkien Reduced to Woke

Is Women’s Cricket Marketable?

BY BHINESH ANTHONY Women’s cricket in India has one huge advantage over most other countries: Cricket is already our No.1 sport. There are close to 12.4 Crore cricket fans in India which represent 91% of the total sports fans as per a report by Ormax Media But is women’s cricket in India currently marketable? Despite the majority of the population following cricket and the sport … Continue reading Is Women’s Cricket Marketable?

The Fighter Pilot and the Politicians

BY STEWART SLATER The U.S Air Force has produced many fine pilots, but only one has regular conferences dedicated to analysing and publicising his thought: John Boyd. Although his combat experience was limited and he never scored a victory, his skills were such that he became known as “40-second Boyd” when an instructor at the Fighter Weapons School based on his standing bet that, starting … Continue reading The Fighter Pilot and the Politicians