Is Women’s Cricket Marketable?

BY BHINESH ANTHONY Women’s cricket in India has one huge advantage over most other countries: Cricket is already our No.1 sport. There are close to 12.4 Crore cricket fans in India which represent 91% of the total sports fans as per a report by Ormax Media But is women’s cricket in India currently marketable? Despite the majority of the population following cricket and the sport … Continue reading Is Women’s Cricket Marketable?

Poona’s Polo

BY AJAI SINGH Stationed in Bombay, where the Hussars would first land, was a native regiment with British officers, the Poona Light Horse. Most of the horse trading occurred in Bombay, and the Poona were thought to have the best ponies. In what Winston Churchill called an “audacious and colossal undertaking,” the 4th Hussars bought a complete polo stud of twenty-five horses from the Poona. … Continue reading Poona’s Polo

A Chance to Wash One’s Soul

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Author Izaak Walton called fly fishing ‘the contemplative man’s recreation’. And Walton was right. While a decent cigar can be smoked to last for forty-five minutes or so, one can fly fish for hours and then days. Cogitation is unavoidable. Being at one with nature, hearing and feeling the river water, gauging the changeable parameters – the flux – of that day’s … Continue reading A Chance to Wash One’s Soul