Why Doth Thou Protest?

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN It would seem that farmers across the globe are far from happy. In the West, farmers are under assault from a raft of green policies which seek to dramatically alter their ways without adequate compensation, while large supermarkets continue to squeeze down on prices for basic commodities, so they remain competitive in their cut-throat market. In India, farmers’ protests were observed by … Continue reading Why Doth Thou Protest?

A Chance to Wash One’s Soul

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Author Izaak Walton called fly fishing ‘the contemplative man’s recreation’. And Walton was right. While a decent cigar can be smoked to last for forty-five minutes or so, one can fly fish for hours and then days. Cogitation is unavoidable. Being at one with nature, hearing and feeling the river water, gauging the changeable parameters – the flux – of that day’s … Continue reading A Chance to Wash One’s Soul

Better the Devil You Know

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Brit-bashing in India is on the rise. Well, let’s say we deserve it. For years us Brits hammered you Indians. As Jawaharlal Nehru wrote in The Discovery of India, the ransacking of India the British would come to call trade was in fact “plunder”. Nehru describes how the “Pagoda Tree”—or the tree of money—”was shaken again and again until the most terrible famines … Continue reading Better the Devil You Know