A Family is for Life

BY JOE NUTT Like many people who read an essay by Honor Jones published someweeks ago in The Atlantic magazine, entitled How I Demolished my Life, I reacted badly. For anyone who missed it, the essay began with the author detailing her dissatisfaction with her current kitchen, before rapidly moving onto a description of the unending mess created by her three children, then devoted most of its 1,900 words … Continue reading A Family is for Life

The Maimed Mansions Of Calcutta

BY VIBHA MITRA I was married into a “Bonedi” Bengali family with regal antecedents. Though we lived in South Calcutta, having come away from the North during the Naxalite movement, most of our relatives still lived there in aristocratic large grandiose homes- the opulence, music, laughter and gaiety of yesterday echoed as the occupants spoke of “those days” with great nostalgia and wistfulness. Unused to … Continue reading The Maimed Mansions Of Calcutta